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April 24, 2016 -- Princess Tea at the Washington Heights Seventh-day Adventist Church, Appollo, Pa. (western Pennsylvania)
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Download our resource that walks you through holding your own princess tea.

November 18-20, 2016 -- "Sacred Space: An Invitation to be Loved" women's retreat at Laurel Lake Camp will be a weekend filled with music, scripture, application and quiet time with God--plus great food and fun with girlfriends.


Prayer Room Ideas
Princess Tea Resource
Jeanne Hartwell's "A Personal Day with God" handout

The purpose of the Women's Ministries is to lift up Jesus Christ and to encourage women to grow in their relationship with God and understanding of His love through the value He gives them. As we are impacted by this deeper relationship with Christ, we will share Him with our family, friends, church, and community.

Women's Ministries Director Tamyra Horst has been serving God and His daughters in women's ministries for almost 25 years. Her desire is to "encourage, equip and challenge women to grow deeply and serve uniquely." She is passionate about helping women of all ages--young, old and inbetween--learn to truly believe that God loves them and live like it. An author of more nine books and many women's ministries resources, Tamyra is a speaker and leader with a passion for God's Word and sharing Him with others.

Our Pennsylvania Conference Women's Ministries offers Princess Teas for little girls under 12, teen conferences, and women's retreats.These are a great church and community outreach. Download the materials and help little girls grow up with the foundational truth that they are God's princesses, planned uniquely and loved deeply.


Available through www.adventsource.org:

Real Beauty, Real Friends, Real You, and Real Love materials for teen seminars/outreach events. Everything you need to plan and hold a one-day or multi-day conference designed just for teens on issues that impact their lives.

"Strengthening Your Church Through Women's Ministries" -- A practical and easy guide for local women's ministries directors who are building and growing a program that nurtures and cares for their local church and reaches out to their community.

"Growing...Changing...Becoming...all that God intended" —A Women's Ministries Manual for those just starting out or who are looking for new ideas.

"Prayer and Love Saves" —a syllabus containing everything you need to hold a seminar which will encourage parents of children who have wandered from God and the Church.

"How to Start a Women's Ministries Program" —by Ramona Perez Greek, Ph.D.

"Guide to Women's Health" —a syllabus with presentation disks for presenting a wellness program for women. Comes with everything you need including followup programs.

"Women's Ministries Evangelism Manual" written for women by women. Women think differently than men. They build relationships differently. They even preach differently. This manual takes all those things into account and helps women share the love of Jesus with others.

"Christian Living From A to Z: A Bible Study Project for Women's Groups" is an interactive resource allowing you to combine Bible study with scrapbooking -- a very popular craft/hobby currently.

"Heart Call" is the very important and very popular ministry of reclaiming women who "are taking a break" from church. With seven easy steps and many resources, this program is an easy process for building friendships with missing members and drawing them back to church and God.

"Quick Start Guide to Women's Ministries" is available in both Spanish and English.




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