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Join Pray One Million and Witness the Transforming Influence of Prayer

Wouldn’t it thrill your heart (and the heart of Jesus) to not only be witness to, but also belong to, a mighty movement that is marked by an increase in earnest prayer?

Pray One Million is an opportunity to join other Adventists in praying for the individual(s) whom God lays on your heart. If you haven’t started yet, begin with a minimum of just one minute a day, praying specifically that God would work in this person’s life and claiming a promise for this person. Be willing to be used by God to minister to this person, whatever their current spiritual journey. If you have already started, great! Is there anyone else that could benefit from your consistent prayers?

Ideas for keeping your “one” (or more) before you in prayer:

     Write a prayer in your journal for this person, along with a Bible promise to claim for them

     Set a daily alarm (or several) on your phone to remind you to stop and pray for this person

     Post a picture of this person where you will regularly see it and pray when you see the picture

--Charity Stone, Prayer Ministries Coordinator


Prayer Focus

 Join us in praying for our churches and schools. Each month, we focus on a different school and each week, we focus on a different church district.

November Prayer Focus

November 1-7                   Lansdale, Phoenixville, and Souderton churches with Pastor David Woodruff

November 8-14                Bucks County and Fairview Village churches with Pastor Keith Ingram

November 15-21              Pilgrim church with Pastor Matthew Kamara

November 22-28              REACH Philadelphia with Pastors Tiffany Brown and William Bonilla

November 29-December 5          Anchor Pointe, Carnegie, Douglassville, Joy of Life, LEGIT, Shippensburg Bible Fellowship, and West End Simple Churches (home church groups)

November School            Lehigh Valley Adventist School with Principal Jennifer Bianco

October Prayer Focus

September 27-October 3 – Pottstown and Kenhorst Boulevard churches with Pastor Tom Stone

October 4-10 – Shekinah Haitian, Lebanon Haitian, and Mount Pocono Haitian with Pastor Darnel Marius

October 11-17 – Carlisle, Mifflintown, and Shermans Dale with Pastor Paul Wasmer

October 18-24 – Allentown, Hope Fellowship and Easton with Pastor Carlyle Wildman

October 25-October 31 – Mon Valley, Uniontown Hilltop, Washington, East Suburban and Greensburg with Pastor Bob Williams

October School – Huntingdon Valley Christian Academy with Principal Michael Gayle

Prayer Patch

Want to get more involved in praying? Join our Blue Mountain Academy Prayer Partners Team and pray for a student at Blue Mountain Academy!

Blue Mountain Academy Prayer Patch Partners have encouraged students, revealed God, and made a lasting impression on young people by simply praying regularly, sending a note or card often, and sending a care package occasionally. God has often timed those notes and packages to arrive just at that moment when a student needed a reminder that someone cared.

You can impact the life of a young person. God will use you as you partner with Him to pray for a student and remind them that someone cares through a simple card, short note, or the gift of cookies or other simple treat.

You could be the difference that gives a student hope, courage or a smile on a tough day.

Sign up today by contacting Rosemary Eyer at reyer@bma.us or download a sign up form. 

You’ll receive the name of a BMA student.

Pray regularly.

Send a note, card or care package occasionally.

God will do the rest.

September Mystery Guest Report

…Overall I would say signage needs some more extras. Then, in terms of greeting with a mix of culture present, I would suggest the elder/leader of the service to explain this better and direct them to mix and mingle.

-- 58 year old female

How easy was it to find the church?

I stopped at (a convenience store) that is on the same street as the church. The male employee did not know about the church but was able to direct me to its location once he knew the address.

The sign for the church had the service times and their vacation Bible school listed with service times and dates as well. Exterior signage needs to improve, although I knew where the front doors were, there was no specific signs as well as no signs on where to enter. There may be an entrance in the back but no signs to let you know that. It would be helpful to have a directional sign to tell you where to park and possibly directing you to off-street parking. The parking lot is very small and limited in parking. They do have spaces for handicap parking. When entering the building, a directional sign is missing, without directing people to where the sanctuary area is. Other signs that are needed for direction is Sabbath school classes including children, restrooms and their fellowship hall downstairs.


Community Awareness: 7

Signage: 5


What was it like when you entered the building?

There was a designated greeter at the door to the sanctuary. He bowed to welcome me and had a very warm smile. I felt very welcomed. He invited me to join their Sabbath adult Bible study that was in progress and I did. I joined the one group that was meeting in the back of the sanctuary and was greeted kindly by the students near me. After the study, I was approached by an older woman that welcomed me to the church. She also welcomed me to their fellowship meal after their service and I did sit with her during the worship service. She did explain some of the events they have been doing. She was warm and inviting in her presentation to me. I felt she was very transparent, honest, and sincere.

I felt welcome and accepted into their community. I enjoyed the Bible study. The group was engaged and eager to learn and attentive to the teacher. I felt honor and respect is present in this church as well as love and cooperation.


Greeting upon arrival: 10

Pre-Service Atmosphere: 10


Describe the service.

Seating was comfortable as there were many areas to sit. People were spread out, but in small groups gathered together still. I was impressed to see that they designated the last three rows in the sanctuary to families with children and their quiet room in the back for families. They can still attend the service and hear the message without missing it and attend to their children. This also shows respect to the congregation.

The music was traditional and some blended. It was piano with hymns, along with a song leader. The congregation members in attendance were very engaged and attentive. All the age groups were present and actively attended. They had the children from the summer Bible school sing the songs they learned. On a daily basis, most would enjoy the music.

The in-service greeting was good. They need to encourage their congregation to shake hands with one another to break the ice, so to speak. They welcomed each other to church.


Seating: 10

Music: 10

In Service Greeting: 7


What was your impression of the sermon?

(Describes the specific sermon topic.) …Also, the teachers did a mini-sermon with the children and congregation with what they learned. They also showed a video clip of their time in the summer Bible school. I felt like I was with them during that time. I found both messages very inspiring and filled with godly wisdom.

(Name of speaker)’s message was one of hope and encouragement…The message was well thought out and the scripture reading to go with the teaching was good so you could go and look it up for deeper study and reference. This encourages the congregation to study more. His delivery was clear to understand and the Bible references are a great way to follow up. I would suggest that the scripture references be put up on the screen so the congregation can follow along…


Message: 10

Speaker: 10


What was it like after the service?

I did have a woman greet me and I sat with her during the service and she was attentive to any questions I had. She did invite me down to their fellowship hall for a meal. The group of people I was with were warm and very transparent and inviting. I felt like I belonged and welcomed. They are the core, it seems, of the church. We discussed the other activities the church does and they were very open about answering my questions and sharing their faith.


Post Service Atmosphere: 10

How easy was it to learn more about the church?

Information on services and programs are listed in the bulletin and on their website, which is very comprehensive and filled with educational materials. It gives directions to the church and activities the church does. They do have a good social media presence. There was no way to leave my contact information. The website has education resources for all groups. The regular website was great and has everything it needs along with notes, etc. This is how I found out they serve more than one ethnic group. At their conference, they service more than one. I believe thirteen. Online there are podcasts on the website to listen to of the service. 


Information: 10


How would you rate their friendliness?

I felt welcomed at this church. Love and acceptance were present. Respect and honor were also present.


Friendliness: 10


How was their children and youth program?

The children’s/youth ministry at this church included classrooms that are located downstairs. As I mentioned, no signage was present though. They have individual classes and it is a safe environment. The children’s ministry seems to be active, but they are in need of volunteers. They are growing and the need for added help is important for the safety of the children and young adults. The children really enjoyed their vacation Bible school and they learned to love one another. The songs they sang to us during the service were from the heart. It ministered to the congregation greatly. They are in transition and growth at this time. On the website, they have explanation about age groups and programs. They have online media, as well, for resources.


Children’s/Youth Ministries: 9


Is the church diverse and reaching out to the community?

There are eleven different ethnic groups present in this community. During (adult Sabbath School), there were five to six separate groups present and in worship. Caucasian was the minority. There were newborn to seniors present. I saw on the website information for the following: women’s ministries, book club, other Bible studies, inner city ministry to families in the area—especially children and youth, health ministries, music ministry, outreach to elderly in the nursing homes, and fellowship meals.


Diversity and Outreach: 10


Would you return?

I would return to this church again. They are a growing, thriving community. I would encourage others to attend this church. All would enjoy this church.


Return: 10

Overall Experience: 10

Average: 9.25




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