Mission Opportunities: Education

The mission of the Pennsylvania Conference Education Department is to enable students to develop a life of faith in God, and to use their knowledge, skills, and understanding to serve God and humanity. Through our fourteen Pennsylvania Conference schools, we partner with parents in helping kids learn about God through every aspect of their educational experience. We desire for every student to excel in faith, learning, and service, blending biblical truth and academic achievement to honor God and bless others.

We operate:

10 Pre-K through 8th grade schools

1 Pre-K through 9th grade school

2 Pre-K through 10th grade schools

1 9-12 grade boarding academy

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Opportunities to Support

Outdoor School

Each spring students in grades 5-8 in our eleven elementary schools and two junior academies are invited to attend outdoor school at Laurel Lake Camp.  Outdoor School is an amazing opportunity for our students to connect with God through His creation.  Outdoor school teaches our students about many different aspects of God’s creation and how it applies to our lives and leads us to seek our Creator.  Unfortunately, many students do not attend due to the costs associated with it.  Many parents find it difficult, after paying tuition, to find the necessary money for outdoor school and the travel costs needed to make it possible for their student to attend.

Sponsor one student to outdoor school for $80.00

Sponsor one student to outdoor school for one day for $20.00


Worthy Student

When you give to the Worthy Student Fund, these gifts go to work immediately in assisting students with financial needs. With the rising costs of private education, many families need some kind of assistance in order for their children to receive an Adventist Christian education. The Worthy Student Fund is designed to bridge the gap when, despite significant sacrifice, a family still doesn’t have adequate funds to meet tuition costs. Without your faithful and generous support of this fund, many students would not be able to experience the spiritual, academic, physical, and social nurturing of our local Adventist schools. You can make an eternal difference in the life of a child.

Sponsor a student for a day $15.00

Sponsor a student for a week $75.00

Sponsor a student for a month $300.00


Early Childhood Learning Centers


Our Early Childhood Education Centers are specifically designed to stimulate, nurture and educate young children. They help cultivate and expand children’s natural curiosity and love of learning, while introducing children to their Creator God. But they are also an excellent evangelistic tool for both churches and schools, opening the doors to an ongoing relationship with community parents seeking a safe and nurturing Christian environment for their children. When children complete their preschool and kindergarten experience, they are invited to continue the education process in the elementary school. We would like to see more Early Childhood Education Centers begin in areas without schools, serving as a springboard to building an education center in their community.

Sponsor teaching materials/curriculum  for $300.00

Sponsor classroom decorations for $150.00

Sponsor classroom furniture for $1,000.00

Sponsor one classroom learning center for $500.00





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