Mission: Church Planting

Church planting can be one of the most effective means of evangelism. In a church that is one to three years old it takes three members to win one person to Christ per year. In a church ten years or older it takes 89 members to win one person to Christ in a year.

The Pennsylvania Conference is committed to the process of planting healthy, lay-driven churches. Since 2001 twelve church plants have grown into organized churches. There are currently six companies, twelve mission groups, and six Simple Home Churches plus five more groups in the planning stage.

Church planting happens in many different ways:

• Mission-minded members working together in a new area

• Bilingual church plants

• young adults

• Hispanic church plants

• Simple Church which meet in a home

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Pittsburgh Metropolitan Region


Sponsor an unchurched parent/couple to attend a 6 week Common Sense Parenting class (CSP) in the Pittsburgh Metropolitan region. This powerful and practical class positions struggling parents to address issues of communication, discipline, decision making, relationships, self-control and school success with their children. Through the implementation of this course, hurting families will be ministered to and relationships built that will prayerfully lead to the expansion of God’s kingdom. 

Sponsor a parent for $60.00 or a couple for $100.00 (Sponsorships include tuition, books, materials, resources and ongoing mentoring)




Simplicity Urban Outreach


"The work in the cities is the essential work for this time." - E.G. White. It has been over 100 years since God sent that message to his church. With every passing year it gains even greater significance. With 81% of the population of Pennsylvania residing in urban areas, the need for an intentional program to "work the cities as God would have them" led to the creation of Simplicity Outreach. Simplicity has a team of six young adult missionaries currently working in Allentown to develop a repeatable structure based firmly in God’s counsel from the Bible and the Spirit of Prophecy.

Sponsor a missionary on the streets of Allentown:

• $20 for one day

• $140 for one week

• $600 for one month




Chineese Pioneer Missionary Team


Of the 6.7 billion alive on planet earth today, one in every five lives in China.  And though the Seventh-day Adventist Church has over 400,000 members in this vast country, there remain millions upon millions that have never heard the name of Jesus.  That is why we invite you to help support a Chinese pioneer missionary team.

Sponsor a team of two missionaries for $1,500.00 (Thanks to the generous support of the General Conference and North American Division who cover 80% of the cost for these missionaries.)




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