Mission and Administration

The Vice President for Mission and Administration will intentionally seek to focus on mission while overseeing the necessary administrative functions of the Pennsylvania Conference.

 Will Peterson, Vice President for Mission and Administration
 Lori Landa, Administrative Assistant for Human Resources
 Diane Reese, Administrative Assistant for Membership

 Elizabeth Nivar, Administrative Assistant for Hispanic Membership

Mission initiatives include:

  • Lead in mission initiatives as directed by the President 
  • Direct and coordinate church planting
  • Simple Home Church sponsorship
  • Coordinate and facilitate initiatives to reach metro regions
  • Direct and coordinate the Arise and Build Program

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Simple Church training

The many administrative functions include:

  • Maintain church membership
  • Maintain service records for PA Conference employees
  • Administer the licensing, commissioning, and credentialling of employees and lay pastors of the Conference
  • Process retirement applications for employees               
  • Maintain minutes of Administrative Committee, Personnel Committee, Association Board, Executive Committee, and Constituency Session meetings
  • Direct in the Human Resources functions for the PA Conference
  • Maintaining and administering the Employee Working Policies for the Pennsylvania Conference

Preparation for 2015 Constituency Session -- November 8, 2015


  • Regular delegates represent all the churches in the Pennsylvania Conference based on membership.  Each recognized church has one delegate plus one for each 50 members (or major fraction).
Click here to view the number of Regular Delegates by Church

Click here for a description of the Delegate Responsibilities

  • Delegates at Large are automatically delegates as a result of full-time employment by the Confererence or elected members on the various Conference committees.

Click here to view a list of qualified Delegates at Large

Upcoming Dates

  • May 19, 2015 -- Deadline for submission of Regular Delegate names
  • September 13, 2015 -- Organizing Committee meets
  • October 4, 2015 -- Nominating Committee meets
  • November 8, 2015 -- Constituency Session

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The PA Conference Employee Policy Book has recently been updated and approved at the December 2014 Executive Committee meeting.  A summary of recent changes can be found at:

To access the Master Policy Book, click the link below and enter the password that was supplied to you:




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