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Time Clock for Hourly Employees

Monthly Wellness Challenge for Full-time Employees

Employee Policy Books

Hiring a New Employee -- Pastors/Principals/Treasurers use this form to authorize a new employee

Change Employee Information -- Pastors/Principals/Treasurers use this form to change information on an existing employee or remove from payroll

FMLA Request Form -- to request a Family/Medical Leave

Please click HERE to complete the new requirements for the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania background check clearances


Forms for Existing Employees:

Hourly Timesheet -- paper form

Hourly Timesheet -- Excel spreadsheet

Change of Address form

Change of Healthcare Coverage form -- please submit to PA Conf for processing

Single Event Expense Reimbursement -- paper form

Single Event Expense Reimbursement -- Excel spreadsheet

Monthly Expense Reimbursement form

For Teachers and Principals -- Substitute Payment Request form

For Pastors -- Vacation Request form

 Forms for All New Employees:

I-9 form -- to be completed by both employee and employer 

W-4 form -- for federal taxes

Local Earned Income Tax Residency form -- for local taxes

Local Services Tax Exemption -- usually applicable only for part-time employees

Direct Deposit instructions -- send in first page and a bank verification document

Retirement Plan Enrollment -- for more information see the Retirement Plan Summary

Rights and Duties under Workers' Compensation -- send in first page with signature

Sexual Harassment Policy -- send in first page with signature

Required for all employees who will work where children are present:

Child Abuse Clearance  -- please provide all information on page 1 and return to the Human Resources department for submission to the state for payment and processing.  Social Security Number is optional

Background Check Authorization -- please complete and return to the Human Resources department.  You will then be sent an email with instructions for FBI fingerprinting (required by law)

Forms for Employees eligible for Health Care:

Health Care Enrollment -- for more information, link to Health Care Information
                                      -- please submit to PA Conference for processing
Wellness Policy -- for your information


Forms for Full-time Employees:

Life & Disability Insurance Enrollment -- for more information, see Life & Disability Insurances Explained and Insurance Costs and Limits

Accidental Death & Dismemberment -- also called Personal Accident Insurance

Biographical Information

Forms for School Employees:

TB Screening -- required every 4 years

Hepatitis B Immunization Record

Physical Exam -- required only for full-time teachers

This is the Human Resources team.  We're here to help:

Will Peterson
Vice President for Mission
and Administration
610-374-8331 x249
Human Resources Director

Karen Schneider
Associate Treasurer
610-374-8331 x206

Payroll and
Employee Benefits

Lori Landa
Administrative Assistant
610-374-8331 x217

Employment Processing,
Retirements, and Service Records
Monday, Tuesday, Thursday
8 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.
Diane Reese
Administrative Assistant
610-374-8331 x248

Membership, Background Checks, and Employment Processing for BMA
Monday - Thursday
8 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.

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