Employee Resources


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Time Clock for Hourly Employees

Monthly Wellness Challenge for Full-time Employees

Employee Policy Books

Hiring a New Employee -- Pastors/Principals/Treasurers use this form to authorize a new employee

Change Employee Information -- Pastors/Principals/Treasurers use this form to change information on an existing employee or remove from payroll

FMLA Request Form -- to request a Family/Medical Leave


Forms for Existing Employees:

Hourly Timesheet -- paper form

Hourly Timesheet -- Excel spreadsheet

Change of Address form

Change of Healthcare Coverage form -- please submit to PA Conf for processing

Single Event Expense Reimbursement -- paper form

Single Event Expense Reimbursement -- Excel spreadsheet

Monthly Expense Reimbursement form

For Teachers and Principals -- Substitute Payment Request form

For Pastors -- Vacation Request form

 Forms for All New Employees:

I-9 form -- to be completed by both employee and employer 

W-4 form -- for federal taxes

Local Earned Income Tax Residency form -- for local taxes

Local Services Tax Exemption -- usually applicable only for part-time employees

Direct Deposit instructions -- send in first page and a bank verification document

Retirement Plan Enrollment -- for more information see the Retirement Plan Summary

Rights and Duties under Workers' Compensation -- send in first page with signature

Sexual Harassment Policy -- send in first page with signature

Required for all employees who will work where children are present:

Request for Criminal Check -- please return this form for submission to the state

Child Abuse Clearance  -- please return this form for submission to the state

FBI Fingerprint Services -- please return a copy of the registration confirmation for reimbursement of the cost

Forms for Employees eligible for Health Care:

Health Care Enrollment -- for more information, link to Health Care Information
                                      -- please submit to PA Conference for processing
Wellness Policy -- for your information


Forms for Full-time Employees:

Life & Disability Insurance Enrollment -- for more information, see Life & Disability Insurances Explained and Insurance Costs and Limits

Accidental Death & Dismemberment -- also called Personal Accident Insurance

Biographical Information

Forms for School Employees:

TB Screening -- required every 4 years

Hepatitis B Immunization Record

Physical Exam -- required only for full-time teachers

This is the Human Resources team.  We're here to help:

Will Peterson
Vice President for Mission
and Administration
610-374-8331 x249
Human Resources Director

Karen Schneider
Associate Treasurer
610-374-8331 x206

Payroll and
Employee Benefits

Lori Landa
Administrative Assistant
610-374-8331 x217

Employment Processing,
Retirements, and Service Records
Monday, Tuesday, Thursday
8 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.
Diane Reese
Administrative Assistant
610-374-8331 x248

Membership, Background Checks, and Employment Processing for BMA
Monday - Thursday
8 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.

Helpful links:

Adventist Risk Management

    Adventist Retirement Plan - VALIC

    North American Division Retirement Office

    Employment Posting Requirements - Federal
    Employment Posting Requirements - State




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