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resources for       Hourly Employee's TIMECLOCK
existing employees Health Care INFORMATION
  Empower Retirement Account LOGIN
  Injured while on the job?  How to FILE A CLAIM
FORMS FOR Background Check FORMS
existing EMPLOYEES      Hourly Timesheet FORM or SPREADSHEET
  Part-time Salaried Time Log SPREADSHEET
  Salaried Worker's Expense Report SPREADSHEET
  Change of Address FORM
  Expense Reimbursement FORM or SPREADSHEET
  Substitute Teacher Payment Request FORM
  Employee Change Information FORM -- to be completed by Pastor/Principal/Treasurer
  For Pastors -- Vacation Request FORM
  Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) Request FORM
  Medical Claim Reimbursement FORM
  Prescription Drug Reimbursement FORM
FORMS FOR New Employee FORM -- to be completed by Pastor/Principal/Treasurer
NEW EMPLOYEES I-9 FORM -- must be completed no later than FIRST day of employment
  W-4 FORM -- only page 1 is needed
  Local Earned Income Tax FORM -- only top and bottom portions required
  Local Services Tax Exemption FORM -- not required for full-time employees
  Direct Deposit FORM -- only page 1 needed.  Please include a voided check or bank document
  Retirement Plan FORM -- Please review this document for enrollment procedures --> Auto Enrollment/Auto Escalation Notice.  For more information about the Retirement Plan, click here --> Summary Plan Description
  Workers' Compensation NOTIFICATION -- only page 1 needed
  Employment Policy ACCEPTANCE
for employees who     

 Required to complete the forms described here ->  BACKGROUND CHECK FORMS

work with children  
If you are eligible If you are full time or work at least 30 hours per week:
for health care      Health Care ENROLLMENT  -- for more information see Health Care Information
for full time A description of Life and Disability Insurances available to all full time employees
employees Costs and Limits for optional Supplemental Life and Personal Accident insurances
       Life and Disability Insurance ENROLLMENT
       Personal Accident Insurance ENROLLMENT -- also known as AD&D insurance
FOR SCHOOL   TB Screening FORM -- required every 4 years
Hepatitis B FORM -- only page 1 needed
Physical Exam FORM -- only required for full-time teachers
helpful links Empower Retirement: or 866-467-7756
  Adventist Retirement Plan -- Defined Benefit and Defined Contribution plans
  Adventist Risk Management
  Employment Posting Requirements -- Federal and State:
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