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camp Meeting 2018
Join us for our 2018 Camp Meeting, "Lift Him Up," featuring speakers Derek Morris and Doug Batchelor. Derek is the president of the Hope Channel and host of the program, Hope Sabbath School. Doug is the senior pastor of Granite Bay Church in California and the president of Amazing Facts and hosts the weekly television program "Amazing Facts Presents" and the "Bible Answers Live" radio broadcast.

There will be seminars, worships and activities throughout the week for young and old. Kids and teens will enjoy the daily worships, activities, crafts, and swim times. Young adults gather for worship each evening and Sabbath mornings. 

Our Family Fun Day will be back by popular demand on Sunday, June 10, and will feature a variety of booths, activities, crafts and games. 

Mark your calendars. Plan your vacation. This will be a spiritually recharging and fun week for the whole family.