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Women's Ministries
Our Mission
The purpose of the Women's Ministries is to lift up Jesus Christ and to encourage women to grow in their relationship with God and understanding of His love through the value He gives them. As we are impacted by this deeper relationship with Christ, we will share Him with our family, friends, church, and community.

Our Events
The Beauty of Brokenness
Fall Women's Retreat
September 21-23, 2018
Laurel Lake Camp
76 Lodge Road
Rossiter, Pa. 

gorgeous2god teen conference
featuring Erica Jones
North American Division Women's Ministries Associate Director
Sabbath, November 10, 2018
Blue Mountain Academy
2363 Mountain Road
Hamburg, Pa. 19526

Our Team

Tamyra Horst
Communication Director
Women's Ministries Director
Prayer Ministries Coordinator
Women's Ministries Director Tamyra Horst has been serving God and His daughters in women's ministries for more than 25 years. Her desire is to "encourage, equip and challenge women to grow deeply and serve uniquely." She is passionate about helping women of all ages--young, old and in-between--learn to truly believe that God loves them and live like it. An author of more than nine books and many women's ministries resources, Tamyra is a speaker and leader with a passion for God's Word and sharing Him with others. She serves not only as the Pennsylvania Conference Women's Ministries Director, but also as the Columbia Union Women's Ministries Director. 

Our Pennsylvania Conference Women's Ministries offers Princess Teas for little girls under 12, teen conferences, and women's retreats. These are a great church and community outreach. Download the materials and help little girls grow up with the foundational truth that they are God's princesses, planned uniquely and loved deeply.

Tamyra created a series for teen girls available through AdventSource. Each seminar, Real BeautyReal LoveReal Me, and Real Friends, connects God and a biblical perspective with topics relevant to today’s young women. The materials contain everything you need to host your own event including power points, notes, ideas, and leader's presentations. You can also purchase journals for the girls who participate. Just click on the name of the seminar you're interested in learning more about to see the materials. 

She is also the author of “Strengthening Your Church Through Women’s Ministries,” a practical guide filled with ideas for creative and impacting ministries local church women’s ministries groups can do that will help connect women in their churches and communities with each other and with a God who is crazy about them. Click on the book title to learn more. 

Click on a resource to open and/or download it.

Prayer Room Ideas
Princess Tea Parties
MUCK: Mothers United in Christ for Kids 
(Note that this is shared as a resource--please do not submit names, but begin your own MUCK ministry in your community.)
Jeanne Hartwell's "A Personal Day with God" Handout