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Thank you!         The local church clerk has an important role that connects each individual church with the entire world church. The reports that are sent each quarter are in used in turn by the Pennsylvania Conference, the Columbia Union, the North American Division, and the General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists. It is through your accurate record-keeping that we can represent our church well.
Thank you! 
In order to correctly report the Pennsylvania Conference membership statistics,
the following attendance reports must be turned in by their due date.
  Attendance Report for Fourth Quarter, 2016 Due January 10, 2017
  Attendance Report for First Quarter, 2017 Due April 10, 2017        
  Attendance Report for Second Quarter, 2017 Due July 10, 2017
  Attendance Report for Third Quarter, 2017 Due October 10, 2017
  Attendance Report for Fourth Quarter, 2017 Due January 10, 2018
  2017 Church Officers Report for Directory Due January 15, 2017
  Baptismal Report form Due upon occurence of each baptism
  Membership Change Form For churches not using eAdventist on-line
  Obituary form for Visitor Optional upon request by family

All forms should be sent to:
     Membership Records
     PA Conference of Seventh-day Adventists
     720 Museum Rd
     Reading, PA  19611
- or - Faxed to 610.374-9331 Attn: Diane Reese
- or - Emailed to

The Team
Diane Reese
Membership Clerk      
610.374.8331 x248