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Our Commitment
The Pennsylvania Conference is absolutely committed to helping God’s people in Pennsylvania live out His call to go into their neighborhoods and communities and make disciples of all people. Our primary role is that of training, encouraging and resourcing churches in their evangelistic endeavors. We believe that it is God's will that every church be actively engaged in the work of evangelism. More churches are embracing this challenge by hosting various reaping events—preaching the three angels’ messages and calling people to Christ.

Faith for Family
Another important evangelistic initiative is our Faith for Family program, begun in 2015. Focusing on specific areas of our state, pastors and members from across our Conference come together to support area churches as they go door-to-door offering literature and Bible studies, and an invitation to an evangelistic series. Then our pastoral team unite to simultaneously offer evangelistic seminars for two weeks in each church in that area. Bible workers follow up leads and work with members to build friendships and help those seeking God grow in their understanding of Him and biblical truth. Learn more about this evangelistic initiative, Faith for Family. Your financial gift to Faith for Family will enable local church congregations share the gospel with families in their communities, click here to give

Our Team
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