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Revealing Jesus, Making Disciples
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Our Mission
The Communications Department seeks to inform and inspire constituents through quality communication and support services. We seek to keep members informed about news, information, events, and resources for effective ministry, working with the various departments and ministries of the Conference, as we attempt to promote mission in a way that is intentional and relevant. Communication Director Tamyra Horst was given an Award of Excellence in 2014 by the Columbia Union Conference as a result of this commitment.

Our Team
Tamyra Horst
Communication Director
Women's Ministries Director
Prayer Ministries Coordinator

Our Ministries
We continue to look for relevant ways to promote not only the events and initiatives of the Pennsylvania Conference, but to inspire and challenge people to live our mission, “Revealing Jesus, Making Disciples.” Some of the ways we accomplish this include:
  • Seeking to keep our website current and informative
  • Connecting via social media like our Conference Facebook page 
  • Publishing two newsletters, “The Pen” and “Making a Difference”, as well as eblasts versions for those who prefer to read their content online, as well as a Spanish version of our "Making a Difference"
  • Producing promotional videos for our Pennsylvania offerings
  • Sharing video stories of how God has blessed in the lives of faithful tithe givers
  • Filming videos for events like Equipping University and the pastors meetings
  • Uploading videos to our Vimeo page which features hundreds of videos including training seminars, sermons on grace, testimonies of young people involved in our various summer ministries, and offering promo videos
  • Live streaming pastors meetings each year—enabling pastors to be resourced and informed while cutting costs of meetings
  • Live streaming the education department’s Geography Challenge, connecting this event with schools across Pennsylvania, homeschoolers and at least one school in another conference
  • Live streaming camp meeting main worships and providing audio recordings, both on CD and downloadable MP3s, of all worships and seminars
  • Creating our annual Conference calendar featuring the various ministries of our Conference, as well as sunset times, weekly offeringsm and contact information
  • Creating promotional materials for events and offerings
  • Supporting the various departments and ministries of the Pennsylvania Conference

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