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                                                                     The Pennsylvania Conference of Seventh-day Adventists recognizes that one of its major responsibilities is to establish healthy mission-driven churches which have Christ’s passion for lost people. The Savior’s commission to carry the gospel to all the world (Matt. 28:19, 20; Mark 16:15), and the urgency of His three angels messages (Rev. 14:6-12) means going to preach the message and ensuring the welfare of those who accept the message. 
It is with this responsibility in mind that the following policies are put in place which allow us to do the Savior’s work in a systematic, cost effective and efficient manner. They are incorporated in the Working Policy of the Pennsylvania Conference.  Here is a complete outline as described in the Church Planting Policy.

Expanding God’s kingdom is fundamental to being Christian. When an individual or group of individuals desires to foster a new congregation, counsel from the Church Planting Coordinator and approval from the Conference Administration Committee or the Conference Executive Committee is required, so it can be coordinated within the overall Conference Mission Strategy.
Approval Procedure

When a new Mission Group is ready to be formed the planter(s) should contact the Conference Church Planting Coordinator or his designee. The Planter(s) are required to fill out a Mission Group Proposal. This will be reviewed by the Church Planting Director or his designee and presented to either Administrative or Executive Committee. 

After the Mission Group is established and functioning, holding its own Sabbath services, has met on a regular basis for an adequate amount of time, and is showing signs of longevity; it may seek to be organized as a Company.  The Mission Group will want to then complete a Company Proposal.

                                                                           Another option for Church Planting is through the Simple Church Network.

A Pennsylvania Conference Simple Church is a part of the World Seventh-day Adventist Simple Church Network.  It is overseen and held accountable by this network.  As such it is not subject to the provisions of this policy.  However, the Pennsylvania Conference Church Planting Coordinator or designee will coordinate and cooperate with the Simple Church Network in order to encourage and empower kingdom growth.

What is Simple Church?

  • Simple Church is a global network of house churches.
  • Simple Church accepts God’s invitations to join Him in His missionary work.
  • Simple Church is lay-led by common, everyday people who are trained as CORE4 Missionaries.
  • Simple Church regularly gathers in homes for fellowship, food, and relational Bible study.
  • Simple Church is overseen and coached by peers who are also trained CORE4 Missionaries.
  • With Simple Church, everyday life is the mission trip! Our mission field is right here in our own neighborhoods.
Check out the Simple Church website for more information.

Our Team
Dustin Hall
Church Planting Director