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Arise and Build
There are congregations within the Pennsylvania Conference who have facilities that are too small and limit growth, but they cannot afford a new church building. Our Arise and Build program assists qualified congregations who are seeking to expand God's kingdom in Pennsylvania. Arise and Build not only erects a church building, but is a tool in God's hand to build His kingdom. 

The "Big Day" is a big part of what the Arise and Build program offers local church families. Volunteers from across Pennsylvania come together to help put up the walls and get the roof on in one day. Others help with the continued construction. So far volunteers from across our state and beyond have helped build new churches in Shenango Valley, Honesdale, the Washington Heights church in Apollo, Everett, and the new Pottsville church which is almost completed. 

Our Arise and Build Churches
Shenango Valley church
West Middlesex, PA

Honesdale church
Honesdale, PA
Washington Heights church
Apollo, Pa
Everett church
Everett, PA
Pottsville church
Pottsville, PA

Our team
Our volunteers!

The Arise and Build program has been made possible through the generous giving of offerings, time and talent from people across our Conference, as well as others who want to be a part of building God's kingdom. 

It's just one more way we are treating Pennsylvania as a mission field and partnering together to reveal Jesus and make disciples!