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Gary Gibbs

Pastor Gary Gibbs spent his childhood in Ridley Park, Pennsylvania, before moving to Louisiana when he was eight years old. His desire is to see the body of Christ grow, see people giving their lives to Jesus, and advance the mission of our church. Before joining our Conference team, Gibbs served as the Chesapeake Conference Ministries Development director, responsible for evangelism, church growth and church revitalization. He was previously the vice president for the Hope Channel. Ordained in 1989, Gibbs has pastored in both Alabama and Mississippi. Gibbs was an integral part of the Amazing Facts ministry, including founding the Amazing Facts Center of Evangelism. He is the author of several books, including The New Winsome Witnessing and Prophecies of Hope Bible study guides. He has served as a pastor, evangelist and church growth consultant. Gibbs and his wife, Sherilyn, have two teenage daughters, Carissa and Christina. 

Will Peterson
Vice President for Mission and Administration

Will grew up in the small town of Greenville, located in Western Pennsylvania. He was raised in another faith, but after attending a Prophecy Seminar with his future wife, Darlene, he converted to being a Seventh-day Adventist Christian. In a little more than a year of marriage, and shortly after Darlene graduated from Slippery Rock Univeristy with an Elementary and Special Education degree, Will and Darlene, along with their son, Richard, moved to Berrien Springs, Michigan. While there, Will earned a Masters of Divinity Degree from the Andrews University Seminary and Darlene earned a PHT Degree (Put Hubby Through), and began her Masters Program. After graduation they served as a Pastor-Teacher team in the Gulf States Conference--six years in Alabama and six years in Mississippi. There were three church schools between the two districts and Darlene taught each one while at the same time earning her Masters in Education Degree.

They moved in Pennsylvania in 2000 where Will began serving as the Assistant to the President for Mission and eventually as Vice President for Mission and Administration. Darlene has taught third and fourth grades at Reading Junior Academy since 2001. Their son, Richard, is a Major in the United States Army. Richard and his wife, Stephanie, have blessed them with their grandson, Richard. Will and Darlene enjoy being outdoors and are seeking to grow in Christ together each day.
Ron Christman, Treasurer
Ron was raised by missionary parents in South America as one of four boys. His family became known for its family "orchestra" with Ron playing the violin, viola, and trombone. His first introduction to the world of finance was practicing his instruments for five cents an hour. Later he and his brothers sold church outreach magazines in the streets of Porto Alegre, Brazil. When he moved to Lima, Peru, he and his brothers would buy bows, arrows, and other native Indian artifacts and sell them to tourist 
shops in Lima. As a youth, Ron witnessed the power of the Gospel by visiting whole villages converted and changed by the Gospel. 

Ron pursued his love for the gospel and business in his training and has a Masters in Religion, an MBA and a CPA. Ron is married to Joyce Pierce and has two sons who work for the Adventist Church. He has served as a pastor in Texas and Kentucky, a business manager, and an auditor for the General Conference Auditing Service. 

Jeff Bovee, Vice President for Education
Jeff grew up on the campus of an Adventist boarding academy in southern Oregon. He is the youngest of four boys. He is blessed to be born into an Adventist family who believed strongly in Adventist Education. His parents relocated the famiy to the campus of an Adventist academy so that they could afford for all four boys to receive an Adventist education through twelfth grade. He attended Milo Adventist Elementary School for grades 1-8 and Milo Adventist Academy for grades 9-12. Jeff was active in Pathfinders and even helped his mother teach Primary Sabbath School lessons while growing up. His junior year of Academy, he earned the necessary funds to go on a mission trip to build a church in the Cayman Islands. He met his lovely wife, Marianne, while serving as a student missionary teaching conversational English in Taiwan ROC. Jeff and Marrianne have two children. Kristie is a medical student at Loma Linda School of Medicine and Ryan is a student at Andrews University. 

Jeff taught in both public and Adventist schools  before going into school administration. He has served in California, Oregon, Washington, and Pennsylvania.