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Growing Leaders Campaign
More than 124 students are beginning a new school year at Blue Mountain Academy where they will grow as leaders academically, professionally and spiritually. That’s exciting news! However, it is also brings great challenges as we seek to make a quality academic and distinctly Adventist education financially possible for families.

For a limited time, your tax-deductible gift will be doubled thanks to the generous donation of a $400,000 matching fund. By participating in Blue Mountain Academy's matching opportunity, you enable young people to learn about Christ and gain a life-ready education. Your support of BMA equips young people to live for God and be leaders in His work. 

Please respond with your best gift by December 31, 2017, enabling your gift to be doubled and the lives of young people eternally impacted. 

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Growing Leaders
For more than 60 years, Blue Mountain Academy has been growing leaders who excel and continue to grow in their professions and recognize the strong foundation BMA has given them both academically and spiritually. Here are just a few examples.

‚ÄčLauren Blackwood, class of 2006, also graduated from Andrews with a Bachelor of Science in Public Health, worked for Lockheed Martin their energy services division, got her masters in public health from Loma Linda University (California) and is currently working at KPMG, an international audit, tax and advisory firm, managing their technology and media portfolio, with the goal of transferring to the healthcare portfolio within a year.

Celeste Ryan Blyden serves as vice president for strategic communication and public relations for the Columbia Union Conference of Seventh-day Adventists. In that role, she directs internal communication, spearheads external communication initiatives and serves as publisher of the award-winning Visitor magazine and its online platforms, which the Associated Church Press named “Best Denominational Magazine” in the United States and Canada in 2010. The Blue Mountain Academy graduate has a Bachelor of Science in Communication and Counseling Psychology from Washington Adventist University, a Master of Arts in Organizational Communication from Bowie State University and plans to pursue a doctorate in Strategic Communication and Leadership.

Carolyn Davis, class of 2008, received a Bachelor of Arts in English at Andrews University, Berrien Springs, Michigan. She is currently completing her Ph. D. in English at the University of Texas. “It’s a long road, but it’s been rewarding!” shares Davis.

Slyler Hallgren, class of 2003, double-majored in International Politics and Economics from Penn State University. Hallgren is “the brand manager” for a product line of healthy snacks for an amazing company called The Fruit Guys, and I run a business with a friend from college called The Earthquake Bag,” he says. Hallgren and his partner sell emergency kits designed to help individuals, families and their pets survive emergencies with food, water, hygiene products, first aid supplies, etc. Plus they donate $5 of every purchase to disaster relief programs. They recently donated more than $2000 plus their own time to help with the relief efforts in Texas after Hurricane Harvey devastated that area.

Nia Johnson, class of 2011, received her bachelor’s degree in law and bioethics from Oakwood University (Alabama) and is currently in law school at Boston University School of Law.

Chris Kiessling, class of 2012 and recent graduate of Walla Walla University, gained a BS in Aviation Technology, Walla Walla University, College Place, Washington. Kiessling earned his pilot license as a student at Blue Mountain Academy and part of the aviation program. He currently serves as Assistant Chief Flight Instructor at Walla Walla University and has been offered the position of First Officer for Skywest Airlines. You can find out more information about the aviation ground school program at BMA by visiting our website,

Connor Larrabee, class of 2009, studied nursing  at Southern and is currently working as a nurse at the Erlinger Health System in the medical/surgical ICD, after completing a round on the orth/neuro floor. He is also a traveling nurse in Southern California. “None of this would be possible without four great years at Blue Mountain Academy,” says Larrabee.

Stephen McLane, class of 2004, earned his Bachelor of Science in Health Science from Southern Adventist Univeristy (Tennessee), then received a Master in Public Health from East Tennessee State University. His first “real” job has been working for the U.S. Food and Drug Administration as an investigator through the U.S. Public Health Service. McLane says, “I couldn’t have done it without Jesus and family!”

Carlos Rosales, class of 2010, graduated with his bachelor of science in Industrial/Organizational Psychology in 2014 and completed an accelerated Master of Science in Industrial/Organizational Psychology in 2015. “While I was getting my masters, I was recruited into a research analyst position at a commercial real estate firm,” explains Rosales. “Two years later, I’m a commercial real estate appraiser at Colliers International.”